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about us

It all started when kismet or some cosmic force brought together two like-minded individuals, Talia and Anna, and three short years later The Alternative Digital Agency (TADA) Designs was born. 

Website development (and redevelopment), designing materials, copywriting content, creating email communications and building brands; we've done it all. We've worked extensively in the third sector, higher education and public healthcare system, and we understand how hard it can be for organisations to access professional design and digital services when you're working with lots of limitations. 

With more than 18 years' working in the digital and design sector, we've realised that there's a need for an agency to provide services in a way that doesn't alienate with complicated processes and jargon. Instead, we aim to work collaboratively with organisations, teams and individuals; empowering and supporting them to achieve their goals.

we are TADA

To use our extensive experience, knowledge and passion to deliver digital and design services that are accessible, clear and concise. Working with what is already in place and tailoring our approach to the needs of our clients.

our mission

To empower charities, start-ups and small organisations through access to exceptional digital and design services; amplifying their impact, enabling them to reach more people, raise awareness, and drive meaningful change.

our vision

  • Passion

  • Creativity

  • Inclusion

  • Collaboration

our values

what makes us unique

we've been where you are

Tight deadlines, conflicting priorities, small budgets and lack of access to the tools, skills or technology you need to get the job done. We've been there. We understand that working in not-for-profit and public sector organisations often comes with extra challenges. Not only can we sympathise but we'll adapt to accommodate these obstacles.

we're used to small budgets

We recognise that not every charity or local organisation has the budget to enlist the services of a traditional agency, or to recruit someone whose sole focus is to manage their communication, brand, website and design requirements. But we know how important it is to have access to these services. That's why we're here.

we focus on big impact

We're dedicated to using our experience and skills to help you make change possible with the resources you have. Every organisation is unique and so are the challenges you face, which is why we're here to work with you on everything from designing a poster or writing a blog, to completely revamping your brand. Often, the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.

we talk your talk

We hate jargon and unnecessarily technical language. Yes, we can talk it if we need to, but we want you to have complete control and ownership of any projects we work on, so we strive to make what we do and the options available to you as easy to understand as possible.


Talia Meyer-Wentzel

Talia Meyer-Wentzel

Anna Peachey

Anna Peachey
Unofficial TADA mascot


Boomer Meyer-Wentzel

The team

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